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Turbo Cash Revolution – 2nd Payout

So 12.19.2012 was the 2nd payout for Turbo Cash Revolution.

As far as I can tell and on  an obvious note. TCR has no doubt made it possible for anyone interested in making money online. Click Here

It isn’t a complicated program whatsoever to generate cash from a system such as turbo cash revolution. It’s just that people tend to complicate something already built to work for you.

So how is it that one can apply and make money with TCR? Click Here

It’s rather a simple process. The system is built to be fully automated. Promoting 5 of your best sites to get driven traffic 24/7 using the TCR system. Anyone who claims that it doesn’t work is frankly wrong about passing judgement on something they have not tried and try to compare it with other systems out there. For a great example, explain how the heck I got a paid sale to one of my links that is running in the TCR System. Yes I got a sale from using TCR to promote my link.

I guess leaving your links long enough without replacing them really does make sense and makes a difference. I also did get optins and it came from the advertising from TCR.

As for the money making part with TCR. So you want to know exactly what to do? Click Here

Well, you can either not promote your tcr member link and wait as tcr tends to grow and have the system itself as it continues to promote your link along with other members on a rotator. Or you could do some promoting yourself to increase the likeliness of getting signups and let’s just say paid signups.

Yes, it’s true…Why should you promote if TCR is built to do that for you. Yes it does promote your affiliate link and why wouldn’t you want to promote your own link. Wouldn’t you think of it as the better benefit for you? The more your link gets out there the more possibilities become endless and result in more signups and sales.  Click Here

It’s a no brainer that yes indeed you will get a signup and paid signups just waiting on TCR’s rotator do all the work for you. I see it as a gradual process of an actual positive gain with this method at the time being since it’s only the beginning phase and as it grows it will increase your numbers in getting your affiliate links pushed out from the system itself. But still yes you will get back the money you paid to start and everything else will be pure commission. Click Here

Well since it is obvious that you can make money with TCR. Here is my second proof of being paid as a turbo cash revolution member.


This time around I got paid $125 which still isn’t all that bad. But I actually supposed to have received $100 more added to that $125. So I really would have cashed out the same amount as I did on the first pay run.

I contacted support about it, it was in regards to a member of mines that has upgraded to the inner circle and commissions weren’t showing properly in my back office. They did reply and did mention that there was some kind of error and they are working on fixing it and am told that they will have that fixed. They did also mention that they are new and just needed people to understand and who could argue. I mean that part I did understand. Today I am told that I will be kept udated and that they will have the supervisor then to it right away. So I will keep you all updated about this. Click Here


Turbo Cash Revolutions First Payrun 12.12.2012 – Commissions are paid out – I Got Paid $200

So Turbo Cash Revolution has been running live in its prelaunch since 12.04.2012.

While in it’s prelaunch every who got in has managed to accomplish something in common as to why they decided not to only have a system drive traffic to their sites…But how about the part where you get paid commissions as the system promotes your affiliate TCR link within the system so you can make commissions on auto pilot. click here

Yes, you will have the opportunity of letting the system go to work, while you are casually going about your day as usually and not even a clue that you made any sales until you finally decide to check your account and find that made a few sales today and 2 yesterday and 2 the day before.

How about increasing that and promoting your link at this stage of the program. Do some promoting like you would normally do for your other programs. I am sure you will make sales that you thought were impossible. Even when you stop for a moment yourself from posting ads, your system will still run on auto pilot going to work for you. click here

Well instead of talking about all that…Wasn’t my post supposed to be about “TCR’s Payday today” which of course is Wednesday. For those who were uncertain, had doubts or wasn’t to sure how legitimate Turbo Cash Revolution is… The Answer: “YES, It is Legitimate and it Pays!”

Here is a link to a photo share I put together for you…
Click here <<< Proof

Like my Title says $200… there is my proof. As I am even putting together this post. I am getting paid signups who wants to take advantage of TCR. I am looking forward to TCR’s next payrun, which is next wednesday.

You get viral traffic, an amazing way to build yourself a list of prospects, and commissions. The sweet deal is having an All in one automated system!

Go check it out if you haven’t done so already: click here

May you all have a blessed day,
Jasmine A. 😉
Automated Income

Tomorrow is PAY DAY with Turbo Cash Revolution!

It’s only a week in business that Turbo Cash Revolution went live with it’s pre launch on the 4th of December 2012. Those who are a member of TCR and for those who are not…

Far beyond any question, I believe one of the main questions to be asked here about TCR is “So when do I get paid…?” As humorous as I find this question, I simply ❤ the answer to this!


Here is a Message on TCR Blog of Tyler Mangrum as it is in quotations according to his words:

With his blog titled: Wednesday is PAYDAY!!

“Tomorrow is Payday!

We will start payments in the morning and throughout the day.

More exciting news to come including our 1st LIVE Conference call very soon!

Remember.. For Every sale you personally make with TCR, your advertising system is increased by 2%!

So get out there… Tell the world and let’s have a very happy Holiday!


There you have it!  Woo-hoo and a big shout out for all who were wise enough to take part in the beginning of Mr. Tyler’s TCR’s Pre Launch, which launched on Dec. 4th 2012. Everyone who got in during the beginning of the first week of only being up and live expect to be paid tomorrow!

All the best,

J. Aweau  🙂

For any who hasn’t gotten the system but opted in, go all the way!

To those who are contemplating about TCR, don’t take too long as time is of the essence.The reg. cost of membership is $297. Right now and for how ever long they decide to keep the promotion of $49.95…who knows? Take Action!


TURBO CASH REVOLUTION (Basic Question & Answers)

Join TCR: http://www.turbocashrevolution.tk
*sponsor – jkmeshawaii *
Must be of legal age in your jurisdiction to join.

I normally don’t do video marketing, so please bare with me along the way, lol. But I recently have done only a few. As this is one of them. I hope you like it and it is helpful in some way. I do look forward to doing more eventually and will get better in doing so.

So enjoy! =D

Turbo Cash Revolution

Still only in the beginning Month of December 2012 has a newly pre launched A Plug N’ Play Automated Traffic System and Money Making Progam All-In-One! Now is the time to get on board before it goes viral crazy…

Recommended Features

  • Get this system at an affordable cost compared to others! Just under $50
  • Submit up to 5 of Your Best Websites of Your Choice. (You can always udate them)
  • Receive $25 or $100 PER Sale
  • Commissions paid to you either by Payza or Paypal
  • and more…
  • Learn more about Turbo CASH Revolution»


Well, I just recently stumble across this interesting website promotion with incredible video and overall presentation. So why wouldn’t it grab the attention of profit seekers, newbies, affliate marketers and so on..? Click Here

With the sites perky pre launch i’m sure visitor visiting your site will want to see most of the message of what’s being presented to them.

Sites like ICP Instant Cash Plugin along with it’s micro mini version are in a price range far out from many who would like to have an automated traffic system to give them that extra boost they need or want badly enough.  Click Here

With Turbo Cash Revolution comes affordability at it’s pre launch. Which however will change in price when it is time. But for now, you can get this Plug N’ Play Cash Generating System at just under $50. If you wait until it’s too late, you’ll more than likely end up seeing a price that would cost you to get the ICP. You can’t even get the Micro version for $50.

If you want to know more about what Turbo Cash Revolution is all about go visit the weblink provided by, scrolling back to the top of this page and click on: Learn more about Turbo CASH Revolution  —> Click Here

So being that I got mines today, I immediately still brought traffic myself to start and started to get referrals just with my promoting alone. I will start to see traffic within 24-48 hrs from the time I created an account and paid for my turbo cash system. So that I am excited for.

People get this…There are those who will probably not want to bring in their own traffic after getting this to automate traffic to their websites. There are those that will still continue to do their work as usually even while they have the automated system going to work for them. Which your preference is fine, but I am one of those who still continue to do my work as usual while having something beneficial going to work for me. Click Here

J. Aweau  🙂